“Small Talk”


“Small Talk,” oil on paper, 13-1/4″h, 11-1/4″w (including frame).

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We love to fill silence. We want to fill it up so badly, we will arbitrarily make statements about what is happening, as it is happening. We will ask polite questions even though we can already predict the run of the mill answers. As a fellow human, I detest small talk, I find it tiring and unimportant. I have always had the desire to know people, truly know people. However, it has been brought to light that small talk is an invention of necessity. How do we address strangers? Acquaintances? Friends of friends? Small talk. Small talk is like homeroom in school. It prepares you for what is ahead, allows you to acclimate to the environment before diving head first into algebraic expressions and term papers. While I do not believe all small talk is necessary, it serves a purpose. Primes the mind and allows us to communicate that we are open to more, to more conversation, more people. If you are like me, learn to embrace the small talk. It can lead to friendships or relationships you never knew could exist.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 13.75 × 11.25 × 1.5 in


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