“Listening,” oil on canvas, 30″h, 24″w.


The crux of all communication. The part that easily gets overlooked and under appreciated. Throughout the entire journey of this collection, I had always set out to create 15 paintings. I thought it was a good number. But, the more I explored communication, conversations, the more I realized you cannot have any of the other paintings without this one. Listening must be present. Listening is present even when it is not active. Some, find it difficult to listen because they have so much to say. Others relish in the idea of being the one to listen, to calmly take in what others offer. I had to listen to these paintings. It took me awhile to know this piece was done, to call it finished. When I showed it to a friend, in a moment of jest, a silly joke he said, “Well, maybe you should listen to the painting”. Although I chuckled, there was some truth to that. Listening requires us to step back, to quiet ourselves, our minds. Allow yourself to step outside. Remember, I will always listen to you. Thank you, for listening to me.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 2 in


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