“Diatribe,” oil on paper, 13-3/4″h, 11-1/4″w (including frame).


A tangent. Possibly, an attack, personal or professional. Here, is where we learn, mostly about ourselves.  This is a space where opinions or frustrations are distributed, to a larger audience. Diatribes are usually caused by a negative reaction to a common occurrence, one that eats away until finally, you just have to speak your mind, stand your ground, or simply feel the need to point out exactly what has been itching under your skin. They serve as a cathartic release. You ramble and say exactly the right combination of letters, tone, and sentiment that you have held so closely that finally, in a flurry of words, it releases, not necessarily angrily or abruptly but, in the exact manner that others know to wait until you are finished. In my experience, diatribes rarely ask for feedback, commentary, or even general acknowledgment, but, something inside of us says, I need to say this. I need the world to know. Listen to your gut. Do not fear what it has to say.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 13.75 × 11.25 × 1.5 in


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