“Dialogue,” oil on paper, 13-3/4″h, 11-1/4″w (including frame).


Creating a dialogue is essential. As I explored these different paintings and the way in which we, humans, talk to each other, it seemed so striking to me that no matter which way you cut it, there has to be one speaker and at the very least one listener. More than one speaker and you have chaos on your hands, or your mouth, or ears for that matter. Dialogue, to me, means I speak, you speak, a back a forth, a game of catch. Sometimes, dialogue can be scripted. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself where, you envisioned what you would say, then what the other person would say? We preemptively fill in a dialogue to calm our nerves, to rationalize, and prepare. Usually we do this when we have to say a hard thing, ask a difficult question, or bring up a topic that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Luckily for us humans, we all have the ability to create dialogue. However, what screams essential is embracing the other side. Waiting, patiently for the other end, the one you cannot predict. Know that you can prepare, then dare to embrace the unpredictable.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 13.75 × 11.25 × 1.5 in


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