“Complaining,” oil on paper, 13-3/4″h, 11-1/4″w (including frame).


Is complaining a way to communicate? Sometimes, it is the only way people know how to voice themselves. To express a feeling or desire. However negative or perhaps, annoying this may be, complaining can also be a source of camaraderie. How many times have you found yourselves looking at the person behind you in a grocery store line, you catch each others eyes, and give each other a sympathetic look in which you are both saying the same thing. “This line is taking F o r e v e r.” The way I see it, blue is the complainer or complaint, overpowering the no word in edgewise yellow. You can be the blue, but never ignore the yellow. Embrace the yellow in complaints.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 11.25 × 13.75 × 1.5 in


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