May is For Mental Health

Mental Health is usually spoken about surrounding the words illness, disorder, or issues. Rarely have I seen discussed the ways in which we heal, grow, and perhaps, change. This collection of six paintings represent all the ways in which I and my peers have helped themselves, introduced new practices, and cultivated a healthy mentality. Here, you will find movement, breath work, and medication. There is no right way to get better for any one in any situation. While this series is just the beginning of a much larger conversation, I invite you to study these paintings, relish in the colour, the movement, and sit with them.

“Accepting Help”

“Moving Mindfully”

“The Sound of Breath”

“Medication & Meditation”

“Sit With It”

“Speaking Your Truth”

“I want to look this in the eye and know I’m different but, also allow for others to understand these nuances of panic, depression, anxiety, and especially obsession and allow themselves to feel it, feel it completely, because that is the only way you can understand it. It’s like love – you have to feel it, all of it, to know”  -My Journal, November 25th 2017

Embracing Obsession was born out of a need to fully understand my obsessive thoughts, not just exist with them. The non-profit, This Is My Brave created a space for people like me to do what I have been trying to do with my paintings. They offer a pace for people to share there story, in person, on stage, through a blog, etc. They are giving people who deal with with mental illness to give a first hand perspective on what it i like to be them.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this six-piece series will be available for $40.00 each and 50% of that price will be donated to This Is My Brave.

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