Love Notes: Abstract Watercolour Collection 

These paintings are a keepsake.

Ready when you need them most 




      What do you need to say to yourself when the day is gray and the nights are long?

      Somehow, love can feel small when the moon rises and the shadows of the day make themselves known. 

       A practice of loving yourself can be both necessary and uncomfortable. 


       The language used, the words and prose you carry with you throughout the day can be powerful





Mantras, affirmations,

allow a moment of kindness for yourself

Compassion for your choices

Love for your spirit 

and ultimately, 

those of others












These Love Notes have been a personal exploration

On how colour and word can co-exist 

Develop into a reminder

Of what we need to hear and how it makes us feel 





There are both Original Watercolour Paintings and Prints of this collection

I encourage you to choose what serves you most 

Both have been created by me with thought and care


In the Original paintings you can see “my hand”

The way I used brushes and pen to move pigment and water

You may see some idiosyncrasies that come with original work,

but they make it special

This one image was created in one moment

That alone is beautiful









While the Prints may not have my brushstroke

They have my eye, as I intended for them to reflect the uniqueness of each Original Watercolour

They are lush with texture and I am offering them in two sizes



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