Harmony Collection

Original Abstract Oil Painting

This collection has been an exploration of colour, line,

and coexistence.

"Whiplash of Emotion," 36" x 24", Canvas Painting, $1050.00

"Knowing the Ending is the Beginning," 8" x 8", Canvas Painting, $160.00

"Smile Through Your Suffering", 12" x 9", Canvas Painting, $250.00

Original Abstract Oil Painting

My OCD diagnosis has made clear that my thoughts are not always significant,
but are nevertheless, part of me. 

A part I should not hide. 

I think we all have parts we feel we should hide.
To that I will say this collection is meant to show you, every. single. part. is necessary. 

It is necessary to create Harmony. 

"Love Your Insecurities as You Let Them Go," 8" x 8", Canvas Painting, $160.00

"Soften as Your World Shakes," 24" x 18, Canvas Painting, $650.00

"Accept Uncertainty," 30" x 24", Canvas Painting, $900.00


This collection is filled with the dichotomy of existing with many emotions

Finding those parts of life where

Not everything is perfect, but you still find a reason to smile



"Calm Over Chaos," 24" x 20", Canvas Painting, $700.00

"You are Enough; Even the Parts You Hide," 8" x 8", Canvas Painting, $160.00

"Tears in my Eyes and a Grin on My Lips," 20" x 16", Canvas Painting, $550


I welcome you to embrace all that you know,

all that you carry with you,

All that you are.



"Grieving with Solace," 24" x 18", Canvas Painting, $650.00

"Full of a Heartbeat Rooted in Earth," 10" x 8", Canvas Painting, $200.00

"Acknowledge Your Growth and Persist", 8" x 8", Canvas Painting, $160.00

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