Communication Collection




Origin stories are perhaps, my favourite types of stories, they are full of possibility, inspiration, and a look inside what circumstances allowed for the end result.

“Telling a Story”



This entire collection began with a trip to London and tube of paint. While I was visiting my lovely friends and former flatmates, I found myself inside an art supply store that has been operating since the 19th Century. It was a wonderful experience that led me to purchase one specific tube of paint. This beautiful, deep, and versatile shade of Indigo made by Roberson Co., specifically created and distributed in the U.K. only. 

“Talking to Myself”



Being away from what we know has a profound affect on how we understand our comfort spaces and relationships. We begin to see typical scenarios in a new way and that is how I began my quest to describe Conversations with paint. I simply thought, “What would a conversation look like?” 


“Small Talk”


In my attempt to create a Conversation, I found myself reaching for a bright yellow and white, alongside the Indigo from London. Two sides of one color with a little something to add value. 



“Heart to Heart”

These paintings are a year long discovery of the interaction between paint and color inspired by the human interactions we face every single day. This collection has brought joy, understanding, and patience into my world. However, at the end of the day, I think the intrinsic take away from all of this communication, is that this all cannot occur without allowing ourselves to listen. Listen with your ears, your mind, you heart.


Listening must be present. Listening is present even when it is not active. I had to listen to these paintings. Listening requires us to step back, to quiet ourselves, our minds. Allow yourself to step outside. Remember, I will always listen to you. Thank you, for listening to me. 

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