Hello, I'm Dani Fallon

Your personal embracer

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandisky

Abstraction has become a telling of the mind. My own thoughts have plagued me for as long as I can remember. The bursts of color, energy, and movement are meant to be a dream-like space for all of my thoughts. All of the thoughts that are meant to exist only in paint. All of the thoughts that repeat. The conversations within these paintings say everything more concisely, than I ever could.

I welcome you on this wild, wonderful journey of mine

Embracing Obsession began in January of 2018 with one idea. To dedicated 20 minutes a day to painting. My goal was for my painting practice to become a tool of self-healing. Previous to January of 2018 I had been diagnosed with OCD. Painting everyday gave my obsessive thoughts a place to exist and reside outside of my own mind.

However, by 2019 I was inspired to begin sharing my work with the world. I felt the more I used my art as a form of self-therapy and the more I learned about OCD the more I found others needed to hear about this experience. I have had the amazing opportunity to display my paintings in local businesses on Long Island such as The Catbird Seat, The Cortland, and Juventus Pizza. Along with these business I had the opportunity to participate in multiple art shows with The Art Hub NYC, Colored Colors, sk.Artspace, Raw Artists, Conception Arts, and most recently Local Project.

My paintings and style are always evolving to reflect the bigger concepts of life and how we can relate to not only ourselves but with each other. With the onset of the Pandemic in 2020, I not only wanted to create something new but to also give back to the OCD and Mental Wellness community. In May of 2020 I created my "May is for Mental Health" series which raised over $100 USD for the non-profit organization This is My Brave. I wanted this small series to stay alive and accessible which led to the production of prints that are right now exclusively offered with the wonderful self-care business Find Your/Self Boxes.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and wellness my paintings have given me. This is only the beginning for Embracing Obsession and I cannot be more excited.

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