Autumn has always brought me joy

Picture this: 

The air is beginning to feel crisp and smell like fallen leaves. Warm enough to wear a sweater but forego the jacket. The sun sets around 7pm which means you can still watch the sky turn multiple shades of blue, pink, yellow, red on your evening walk. The tops of tree reflect the colorful sky and you remember that transitions can be bittersweet and beautiful all in one moment.

Autumn has always brought me joy. 

I love that the world changes color.  I love that weather turns colder.

I love that light becomes something we have to make for ourselves. 


However, when I first began painting regularly I always had a difficult time painting with the color orange. I could never get it to blend well with the other colors I chose. It always seemed to overpower or symbolize a feeling I was not trying to convey. Until I decided… 


This declaration led to me to think of the times I do enjoy orange. The first thought that came to mind was autumn, which led to this painting and poem titled “Until October Comes”. My memory tells me the poem came first and that gave me the inspiration to create this painting but, it all happened on the same October morning.  

I hope this inspires you into this new season.

It can be found in the simplest thing, even within orange. 

“Until October Comes”

I never really like orange 
Until October comes 
Burnt umber hues 
Gradient trees 
A dark morning sky 
Breathe in the crisp air 
To the crunchy ground 

I never really like Orange   
Until October arrives
Oh, look how the earth 
Unravels with color
Gently, but without respite
So we can observe 
Her fiery death
One last spark before
First breath

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