Embracing Obsession – A Multi-Passionate Endeavor

Hey Friend, Artist, Reader, Wanderer of sorts.

Welcome. You have now entered a space where although dreams may not come true they are certainly one of the biggest motivating factors.

Currently, my thoughts are racing with how to approach this blog post, the first one, the first one in awhile. The hiatus I have taken from writing to you, from creating with intention to post has been both necessary and also entirely forced on me (thanks “Meta”), but more on that at a later date.

My 2021 was filled with wonderful and exciting moments for both myself and the people I love. I attended and participated in so many weddings that… I think I’m good. Living on Long Island, weddings are quite extravagant but, a hell of a party. I had the ability to see my friends and family be in love and celebrate the efforts they put in to choose each other. I think sometimes we forget it is remarkable, to choose each other. Whilst I was celebrating, my work, my energy, my time and my creative inspiration were completely depleted. For a little while I was frustrated by this fact but, looking back, only six weeks into 2022, I am so incredibly grateful I got to live for these moments.

Peep these wedding photos and my inability to stop crying:

Are they not the most precious memories?

Anyways, as all of the above was going on, I found myself writing more poetry. This is the thing about me, I always have my hands on (or is it in?) more than one thing. You can be sure I am reading more than one book, painting more than one painting or writing more than poem, simultaneously. I am always working on more than one idea at one time and despite this fact about myself I have been forcing Embracing Obsession to ONLY be about and for my abstract oil paintings. Ultimately, it is meant to be about me and the discovery I have found in embracing all that I am, in all I can create, and in all that I can embrace in my own life and in my own creativity.

Abstract oil painting alone doesn’t seem to cut it. Not for me.
I have more to say in more than one medium.

So here is my declaration:

Embracing Obsession is officially a multi-passionate endeavor. Here, you will find my most honest attempts at painting, learning about painting, drawing, poetry, learning about poetry, blog posts and all the in-between content that inspires me and hopefully inspires you as well.

My vision for this is an expression that is diverse in content that relates to the same idea: embracing a life full of obsession creatively, good or bad, both will always exists.

Once again, Welcome. Let the creating begin.

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