I bought my first abstract painting… now what?

A question I have received frequently from people who admire and collect my paintings is:

How should I display this? 

Naturally, I believe you can display your painting however you choose, but I have noticed that others seek guidance, suggestions, or examples on this matter and that is why I am here. For those of you who have visited my website or Instagram page, you know that for the past two years, I primarily work in a small format. The majority of my paintings are approximately 4″ x 6″.

Small paintings have their own quirks when in search for placement in your personal space, but they also have the versatility that larger paintings sometimes do not afford. Below are some examples my amazing collectors have graciously shared with me.

Float frames have proven to be a fan favorite for these nuggets of color, value, and composition. The negative space supports the painting and allows it to hold its own within a larger room or surface area.

Larger pieces can serve as a statement piece for smaller places such as, hallways and foyers, like this one “Love Where You Are”, oil on canvas, 24″w, 12″w.

When purchasing and hanging abstract paintings many questions can arise, particularly about the color, mood, value, and the space in which you envision it, however, there is another element that I always like to encourage everyone to embrace.

Where does this painting lead your mind?

If the answer to this question is somewhere peaceful, calm, perhaps joyful, or focused. Do the other elements above truly matter?

Small paintings can be placed on your desk, your fridge, in your office, next to your bed. I hope these nuggets serve as a reprieve from the daily tasks of life, the struggles of a work day, or the chaos of a house full of family.

My ultimate advice to you: Embrace the feeling the paintings give you and place it where your mind will find comfort in it most.

Your embracer,


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