Finding Time

One question I ask myself daily, weekly, monthly, sometimes even hourly is – Where will I find the time?

While plenty can happen in a day, it cannot all happen on the whim of needs and wants. I have found (and need to remind myself) that in order for everything I imagine to occur I need to stay present.

Two facts you may not know about me, is that I currently work two jobs. I am a full-time in-house Auction Cataloger for a small family owned auction house on the east end of Long Island. Small means an exorbitant amount of hands-on experience for me, but the same amount of time and dedication. In addition, I work freelance/part-time for the company Yaymaker as an artist. Both of these jobs are rewarding and have helped me thrive and afford my own independence (which is quite difficult on Long Island as a younger adult). I am eternally grateful for these experiences and opportunities, however, finding time to set aside for my own personal work has been proven difficult, but not impossible!

The main thing I find myself consistently lacking in (and I’m sure some of you can relate) is energy! 

Split between two jobs means sometimes I will wake up, arrive at my 9am-5pm to then leave and work until 10pm for Yaymaker. While it is financially necessary at this point in my life, (as it is for most Millennials), it also means carving out time during my week for what I truly love to do and that is paint, paint my paintings.

If you have read my earlier blog posts you know that in January of 2018 I set out to create a daily painting practice. This daily practice has turned into the advent of this website and my consistent drive to make myself an artist. One thing that keeps me going despite lack of energy and time, is my own personal mantra Respect The Commitment. Not only have I made a commitment to myself as an artist, but I have made a commitment to all of you. My beautiful art lovers, artists, friends, family, I have committed to making my art known, my colors heard, and my expression present.

Present. Being present. This is another key factor into finding time and staying committed. At the end of 2018, I began a daily practice of yoga with the wonderful free YouTube videos provided by Yoga with Adriene. The little nuggets she drops into my email every week (sometimes everyday if you join her January challenge!) have begun to ground me in the present day. When you focus on the day, the hour, the task at hand everything else proves to become much easier and falls into place the way you had originally hoped it would.

Now, I am not saying that any of this is easy. It is not. That is kind of the point. That is why I need a mantra. I struggle with finding a balance between everything I want to do, everything I have to do, and all of the mid-shades of gray in-between. The most important factor I am finding in life is to stick with a mindset that will only set you up for a positive outcome. Energy, juju, positive vibes, whatever you want to call it, I firmly believe it all starts there and when your mindset begins to shift, your actions follow. When the two coincide that is where magic happens.

So when I find myself asking, when will I find the time? I constantly rephrase, reflect, and remember my mantra, and then I ask:

How can I fit this in my day? In my week?

I truly, whole-heartedly, want to keep creating. At this point, it is not longer a want, it is a need that my soul demands. When you recognize what your soul craves, your mind shifts, your priorities align, and your actions begin to speak louder than any hollow promises you previously made to yourself. Listen to your soul, it knows more than you.

Your Embracer,


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