New Canvas Painting

Believe it or not, this canvas painting began with a completely pink background.  It always surprises me when one of my paintings ends up so far from where it began. Originally, I imagined this painting becoming bright, maybe fiery, explosive, but after I applied the pink layer and let it dry I came back to it with a much more different intention.

newest painting

I added blue to subdue the pink, but once the blue hit the canvas it had a mind of its own. There was an extra dimension to the color with pink underneath, a depth that could not be created without that foundation. The more I experiment with color the more I find the foundation becoming the most critical part of my painting. Although I paint the first layer with an idea in mind the foundation can lead to much more than what was ever intended.

newest painting_2

I am not sure if this painting is finished. I am waiting for this last layer to dry (which usually takes about a week), and will revisit the piece again. However, I do think this painting conveys the idea of brightness, an explosive energy. Even though the colors are mostly calm, or associated with calm, the actual painting itself has movement.

The act of painting will never cease to amaze me.

Your Embracer,

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