Since January of this year, I made it my mission to make painting and being an artist a priority in my life. As this started to manifest into my everyday schedule I want to truly look at my process along the way and understand myself as I am creating.

One main habit I taken notice of is that often when I am painting I tend to have so many thoughts at once that in addition to painting I need to write them down. Somehow, they feel intrinsic to my understanding the painting or working through my own thoughts whether or not it has been a stressful week.

The particular piece above entitled “Mother Nature”, brought up a reflection of how people, those I know and those I do not refer to a difficult time in their life. My hand written blurb above says:

     “I don’t like using the word battle when someone is experiencing a difficult time in their life. Battles usually end in death, despair, pain. Hardships – this is something you learn from, a phase, to help someone grow and overcome. When the outcome can usually only end with a change in oneself – can we truly refer to this as a battle? Even if you “win” a battle so much can be lost in the process. Hardship leads to discovery, resilience, patience – nothing is lost, only found.” 

The questions I keep asking myself when this happens, is how does it relate to the painting? Does it have to relate to the painting at all? Or is my painting simple a reflection of my own pondering. A visual representation of my thought process, my brain working through an understanding of complex emotions.

Regardless of whether or not I will be able to answer these questions, I think it is important for me to continue to write my thoughts down when they so readily want to be noticed.

All in all, take notice of your thoughts, they may be telling you something.

Your Embracer,


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