“Almost Spring”, oil on paper, 4″ x 6″, February 16, 2018 

A funny thing happens when creating. Sometimes, time stands still and you and the piece of  artwork exist in this moment that is both fleeting and forever.

This happened when I created “Almost Spring”.  It was the first day in the new year that I could smell spring. Spring, for me, usually smells like grass and dirt and earth. The colors were inspired by the colors of spring and growth. The bright white of snow is over powered by the presence of the Earth and the sun.

I’ve made posts before about how I believe all art contains bits of magic, well, here is a piece that makes me feel like magic, or what have you, exists. This painting was slow, methodical and I remember stopping without making a conscious decision to stop. It was as if my hands knew the painting was done before my brain knew.

The way the white interacts with the subtle reds, yellows, and greens, it makes me feel as though there is something bigger than myself out there. Belief, faith, and spirituality, these are all topics I think about frequently in relation to the Universe. The Universe is the only thing I can be certain about because currently, I and everyone else I know, exists within the universe. Everything else, to me, has always felt like a burden or hindrance to the possibility of why we are able to experience new seasons, why weather can change how we feel, why we, as humans can feel at all.

Art will always feel like magic to me, a supernatural, unusual quality. When something or someone exists that can incite feeling within me, I believe it is the Universe nudging me. Maybe, it is speaking to me in its own way, one I will never understand and never try to, because its is much bigger than I.

Your Embracer,

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