The Fire of Attraction

“The Fire of Attraction”, oil on paper, 9″ x 12″, February 25, 2018

How does a fire begin?

Friction? Yes.
More importantly? A spark.

A flicker of something promising, something new, exhilarating, bright, possibly scary.  This painting is a culmination of all of these feelings. A reflection and visual representation of those tiny moments in life that remind us how living can actually feel good again. Being yourself, sharing yourself, learning about someone else can ignite a feeling you forgot you can have.

Fires. They radiate warmth, brightness, energy.
People can do the same.

I am a believer in vibes, energy, the initial gut feelings you receive from a person. What happens when two people vibe off of each other? When you are attracted to their initial person-hood, romantic or not.

Attraction pulls people. Scientifically, there is a biological reason behind people being drawn to each other, but aside from the science, I always like to wonder about the relationships I have had or currently have and why these people have been brought into my life. Getting to know people is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting things we can do as humans. Even though we are egotistical by nature, there is always this craving to understand others in order to understand yourself and where you exist in relation to them.

The Fire of Attraction.
This painting coursed through me, directly from my head to my hand to the paper, almost instantaneously. It is both a representation of a where I was and how I felt, in the purest way I could imagine.

I hope you can feel the same.

Your Embracer,


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