February Reflections

It is March 5th. A new month is upon us. A new season. Maybe, some new beginnings. This year, so far, I have enjoyed taking the time to reflect on the past 30 or so days and have time to reflect on how I am spending my time and if that is beneficial for me as an artist and a human.

Above is the collection of paintings I created during the month of February. Compared to those I made in January (which you can view on my Instagram account @embracingobsession) there is a bit of an evolution that occurred within my paintings, I think. Shapes started to form in a way they haven’t in quite a while. There are a couple of paintings that have a modular look and feeling to them. The colors still ebb and flow between saturated and bright and dark and dull.

Out of the 28 days in February I was able to create 19 paintings and begin 20 (one of them is larger on canvas and will be a continual work in progress).

While I am excited about the output I created in February and the fact that I was able to stick with a fairly regular commitment, March is going to need to be a month of balance and a bit of scheduling. I am hoping for March to be just as wonderful of a month but, include more regularly scheduled posts for all of my cyber friends out there and even more exploration of my mind’s obsessions.

As for my favorite February painting, that would have to be “The Fire of Attraction” – guess which one you believe that to be, (stay tuned for a special post about this painting).

Thank you, February.
As for you March. I am ready for your wind.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”
― Charles Dickens

Your Embracer,

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