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Here is my Recommendation – Number 1.
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I cannot recommend this book enough. I love it. If there was a stronger word for love, I would use it. Maybe, hate. I hate this book. That is how much I love it. I want to punch it in its little face and then give it a hug for being so goddamn good.

I stumbled upon this book in Barnes and Noble somewhere during the sugar rush haze between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There had been some dramatic, negative, and positive changes in my personal life at that time and I had really wanted to revamp my art life. I have done some art and craft fairs along the east end of Long Island, but I had not been creating artwork that I truly wanted to be making. Some of them I liked, I enjoyed, they were “beautiful”, but no one wants their artwork to just be beautiful.

Cory Huff succinctly explains what you need to be doing, why, and how. I must say, this book is extremely beneficial for artists, but I do believe everyone can take a meaningful piece of advice from reading this book. The majority forces you to ask and answer questions such as:

  • “What do you want your life to look like?” (p.22)
  • “What is your art saying? Why are you saying it?” (p.33)
  • “How do you define your on Uniquity?” (p.34, if you want find out what Uniquity means guess you will have to find the book somewhere!)

In addition to these questions, there are wonderful gems of enlightenment and sobriety such as:

  • “Work matters more than talent” (p. 26)
  • “Work is more productive and makes a bigger impact when you’re trying to reach a specific goal” (p.164)
  • “Make it about more than just selling your art – make it about expressing the ideas of your art in as many ways as possible.” (p. 117)
  • “You are an artist, not a commodity.” (p. 91) <—my personal favorite

All in all, this book got me to this moment right now. It kick started the right side of my brain into a creative frenzy and the left side of my brain into a determined and organizing machine.

So, even though you will probably never see this, thank you, Cory Huff. Most of the paintings on this website are here because of your words and the much needed kick in the ass.

Your Embracer,

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