Welcome to embracingOBSESSION!

Hello! First off, thank you for visiting my website, taking a look at my artwork, staying on here long enough to want to read even more. After reading the wonderful book “How to Sell Your Art Online” by Cory Huff I found myself determined to put making art on my top priority list for this new year and essentially the rest of my life. The book honestly changed my perspective on how I had previously been making art and asks any artist that reads the book to answer the most basic and yet crucial question, Why? Why are you doing what you are doing, if the answer is not for you, you should probably stop doing it.

So, here I am.

Doing this for myself.

There are three main priorities on this website. An attempt to uncover my thought process, before, during, and after the creation of each painting (lets get real, I’m probably going to forget a few), I want to keep the information plentiful meaning listening to podcasts, reading books, or important websites and blogs and sharing them with anyone who cares just as much as I do. Most importantly for me, embracingOBSESSION is an outlet for me to finally try and personally understand my obsessive-compulsive disorder. My thoughts have always plagued me and a large part of this website is giving myself an outlet to no longer be afraid of them. I have always written about my life in journals for as long as I can remember but, as soon as I was diagnosed with O.C.D. I stopped. I no longer trusted my own thoughts and before this diagnosis I was unaware that I had trouble distinguishing the difference between thinking, believing, and action. Somehow, all three rewired to mean the same thing in some ways.

Anyways. That’s my little rant for now.

Already anxious about the fact that people will find this entire website annoying.
However, here I am, posting. Proving, actions can be completely separate from thoughts and feelings.

Your Embracer,

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