“Snowstorm”, oil on paper, 4″x 6″, January 4, 2018

Early January 2018 started for me with a snowstorm. Literally. I was stuck inside my fairly new apartment looking out the window watching the wind whip the snow back and forth, piling atop my car, driveway and blanketing the earth with all the signs that summer is far away.

I have always found the snow exhilarating. Most associate the snow with bad roads, shoveling, car accidents, and being stuck with nothing to do. I have always embraced the snow and everything that it brings. Particularly, the silence. I love the silence that snow creates. It is unlike anything else.

Usually, silence makes me think of uncomfortable situations, a first date, a doctor’s appointment, a panic attack, but this silence, this silence comes with a calm. The air is so crisp it tickles my nose and my entire world is changed, blanketed in white. Trees are as bare as they can possibly be. Everything is stripped to its bones. Winter has always been when I remember exactly who I want to be and what I want to be doing.

The oil paint on this piece is applied heavily. The white paint in the center is raised to the point that you could run your fingers over it without touching the paper. The snowstorm definitely controlled the energy in this painting, but I was at peace the entire time.

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